About The WellCenter Group, LLC.

Why The WellCenter Group?

The WellCenter Group, LLC. provides individuals, groups and organizations the tools to effectively manage your health and wellness.

When you partner with us, we do not dictate what you should work on, when you should get there, or how to get there. We explore together your history, your health and wellness vision, your goals and any barriers in a safe and friendly atmosphere. After we work to design your wellness path, your coach will help strategize and motivate you every step of the way.


Danielle Vincent, owner of The WellCenter Group, LLC., has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 14 years. She has a degree in the wellness field and has worked in corporate, university and non-profit health and wellness arenas.

Danielle is a certified coach who has also managed a life altering diagnosis early in her career and has helped others develop strategies and goals around health and wellness issues.