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Many people tend to wake up feel cranky and weird. This feeling is carried through the day and often results in little work been done if any at all Folks that manage to get work done often look back at the work done and wonder what they were even think messing up like they did. This cranky syndrome tends to continue and grow if the underlying problem is not fixed. 90% of the time, it is caused by poor sleep at night. The good news is that it can be fixed by working on a few habits and learning how to sleep better.

Tired of feeling cranky and want to know how you can sleep better? Read on…

Sleeping better will ensure that both your mind and body are fully relaxed and recharged for the following day. Studies show that the biggest step to sleeping better is investing in a really good and comfortable mattress. So the first thing you must do in order to improve your sleep quality is getting a new mattress that suits you. You will be surprised at the number of different types of mattress that exist out there, but do not be overwhelmed! is a good place to start if you want to do your research online. You can simply try out different mattresses from a dealer until you find one that feels right, trust your body it knows! Even if you buy a mattress online from somewhere like Amerisleep, you still have 100 days to decide if the mattress is right for you. Once you have your new mattress, throw in a couple of new bed sheets; you will not regret it.

Now that you have invested in good bedding, it’s time to get rid of all the bad habits that have been proven to prevent a good night’s sleep. These include uptake of coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol before bedtime; instead, it is better to substitute them with tea or a warm glass of milk or chocolate drink. Also, its best to try and avoid taking long naps during the day as this will only result in you being restless during the night, only to fall asleep late leading to massive problems with the alarm in the morning.

By applying these few changes, you can already feel the change in the quality of your sleep. Let us bring it home by replacing the bad habits mentioned above with the following: – Always take a bath before going to bed, as you will realize, this will soothe you and wash away all the physical stresses of the day. It doesn’t have to be a long bath, a 5 min bath in warm water or shower will do – maintain a fixed sleeping schedule; this goes a long way in making sure you are well rested for work – try to read a book or listen to cool music just before bed.

By now you know almost all the important things on how to sleep better, one thing though that you probably take for granted is the weather. Adapting to the weather is the final icing on improving your sleep. Contrary to what many think and do, sleeping nude in when it’s hot does not do you any favours, instead try putting on some summer pyjamas and notice the difference. In winter, the use of a warm water bottle and keeping your feet warm will do wonders in improving your sleep.

That’s just about it all, try doing the above and witness a dramatic change in your attitude and spirit. Remember, getting a good mattress is the biggest step in getting a good night sleep.

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The WellCenter Group works will individuals, groups and organizations to find the best possible solution and direction concerning the wellness of people, patients, employees and programs. Services are designed to be customized to fit the needs of the person, group or organization. In 2016 we are working with the creators of to increase the performance and concentration of their staff.

Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching is an opportunity for you to design, prioritize and implement your wellness vision – in other words, you at your best! Your coach provides you with tools and resources, motivation and support as you progress toward your goals. Coaching is a safe, non-judgmental place to realize your potential and move forward in achieving the level of wellness you have envisioned in your life.

Custom Designed Plans

– Designed with the assistance of your coach to meet your unique needs and goals concerning your wellness.

WellCentered Health

– Designed to assist you with achieving a healthy and balanced life. Balance is key to every success you will experience; stress management, nutrition, exercise and activity, relationships all must carry balance. Your coach will assist you in developing the best balance based on your unique needs and goals.

Because of the all encompassing nature of this path, your coach will offer 15 minutes a month of coaching in addition to your regular sessions to answer questions, keep you on track, be a sounding board or whatever is needed.

Four 45 minute sessions a month

WellCentered Care – Designed for people who have recently been diagnosed or managing a medical issue such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or other health related pieces and is ready to redefine wellness and an increase in quality of life.

Three 50 minute sessions a month

WellCentered CareGiver – Designed for caregivers of individuals or groups that are struggling with the balance of the role of caregiver and thier self-care.

Three 45 minute sessions a month

WellCentered Healing – Developed for those challenged by a sports or life related injury and is ready to work toward recovery or new wellness goals.

Two 45 minute session a month

WellCentered Parent – Designed for parents who are ready for balance and support with:

self-care and redefined wellness
stress management
transition to parenting and/or back to work
work/social/family balance
Four 30 minute sessions a month

All new packages will include one (60 – 90 minute) session utilized for an introduction to coaching, review of health history and goal setting at no extra charge. Packages can be altered in time and sessions depending on the needs of the client.


The WellCenter Group works will individuals, groups and organizations to find the best possible solution and direction concerning the wellness of people, patients, employees and programs. Services are designed to be customized to fit the needs of the person, group or organization.

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Why The WellCenter Group?

The WellCenter Group, LLC. provides individuals, groups and organizations the tools to effectively manage your health and wellness.

When you partner with us, we do not dictate what you should work on, when you should get there, or how to get there. We explore together your history, your health and wellness vision, your goals and any barriers in a safe and friendly atmosphere. After we work to design your wellness path, your coach will help strategize and motivate you every step of the way.


Danielle Vincent, owner of The WellCenter Group, LLC., has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 14 years. She has a degree in the wellness field and has worked in corporate, university and non-profit health and wellness arenas.

Danielle is a certified coach who has also managed a life altering diagnosis early in her career and has helped others develop strategies and goals around health and wellness issues.

The WellCenter Group, LLC.

Welcome to The WellCenter Group, LLC. and congratulations!  You have taken the first step to realizing your personal wellness goals.

You are here because you have contemplated about where you want to be, where you are now and are looking to take the next step.  Give yourself permission to realize the gravity of this step and take a few moments to really look at what you want out of a coach and the experience. 

Coaching has been successful for so many because a coach understands you are intelligent, courageous and have the power to take control of your wellness.  We all have a pretty good understanding of what we should be doing to take control of wellness – the real question is how can I most effectively accomplish my goal concerning my wellness?   

The WellCenter Group assists with many aspects of personal wellness and these are some overarching pieces we can help with: 

Lifestyle Management:

  • Partnering to decide the best and most effective approach for your lifestyle and goals
  • Decreasing stress related to total wellness and/or disease management (cancer, diabetes, heart related issues, injuries, etc.)
  • Creating healthier habits related to wellness goals and vision

Program Design:

  • Developing a thorough assessment of your current situation
  • Creating a wellness vision for you or your group
  • Prioritizing wellness goals
  • Developing customized programs

Developing Strategies:

  • Working through limitations of injuries and illness
  • Reducing or eliminating barriers related to wellness goals
  • Developing approaches around medical issues and disease management in concert with your medical professionals

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