How to sleep better

sleep like a child

Many people tend to wake up feel cranky and weird. This feeling is carried through the day and often results in little work been done if any at all Folks that manage to get work done often look back at the work done and wonder what they were even think messing up like they did. This cranky syndrome tends to continue and grow if the underlying problem is not fixed. 90% of the time, it is caused by poor sleep at night. The good news is that it can be fixed by working on a few habits and learning how to sleep better.

Tired of feeling cranky and want to know how you can sleep better? Read on…

Sleeping better will ensure that both your mind and body are fully relaxed and recharged for the following day. Studies show that the biggest step to sleeping better is investing in a really good and comfortable mattress. So the first thing you must do in order to improve your sleep quality is getting a new mattress that suits you. You will be surprised at the number of different types of mattress that exist out there, but do not be overwhelmed! is a good place to start if you want to do your research online. You can simply try out different mattresses from a dealer until you find one that feels right, trust your body it knows! Even if you buy a mattress online from somewhere like Amerisleep, you still have 100 days to decide if the mattress is right for you. Once you have your new mattress, throw in a couple of new bed sheets; you will not regret it.

Now that you have invested in good bedding, it’s time to get rid of all the bad habits that have been proven to prevent a good night’s sleep. These include uptake of coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol before bedtime; instead, it is better to substitute them with tea or a warm glass of milk or chocolate drink. Also, its best to try and avoid taking long naps during the day as this will only result in you being restless during the night, only to fall asleep late leading to massive problems with the alarm in the morning.

By applying these few changes, you can already feel the change in the quality of your sleep. Let us bring it home by replacing the bad habits mentioned above with the following: – Always take a bath before going to bed, as you will realize, this will soothe you and wash away all the physical stresses of the day. It doesn’t have to be a long bath, a 5 min bath in warm water or shower will do – maintain a fixed sleeping schedule; this goes a long way in making sure you are well rested for work – try to read a book or listen to cool music just before bed.

By now you know almost all the important things on how to sleep better, one thing though that you probably take for granted is the weather. Adapting to the weather is the final icing on improving your sleep. Contrary to what many think and do, sleeping nude in when it’s hot does not do you any favours, instead try putting on some summer pyjamas and notice the difference. In winter, the use of a warm water bottle and keeping your feet warm will do wonders in improving your sleep.

That’s just about it all, try doing the above and witness a dramatic change in your attitude and spirit. Remember, getting a good mattress is the biggest step in getting a good night sleep.