The WellCenter Group, LLC.

Welcome to The WellCenter Group, LLC. and congratulations!  You have taken the first step to realizing your personal wellness goals.

You are here because you have contemplated about where you want to be, where you are now and are looking to take the next step.  Give yourself permission to realize the gravity of this step and take a few moments to really look at what you want out of a coach and the experience. 

Coaching has been successful for so many because a coach understands you are intelligent, courageous and have the power to take control of your wellness.  We all have a pretty good understanding of what we should be doing to take control of wellness – the real question is how can I most effectively accomplish my goal concerning my wellness?   

The WellCenter Group assists with many aspects of personal wellness and these are some overarching pieces we can help with: 

Lifestyle Management:

  • Partnering to decide the best and most effective approach for your lifestyle and goals
  • Decreasing stress related to total wellness and/or disease management (cancer, diabetes, heart related issues, injuries, etc.)
  • Creating healthier habits related to wellness goals and vision

Program Design:

  • Developing a thorough assessment of your current situation
  • Creating a wellness vision for you or your group
  • Prioritizing wellness goals
  • Developing customized programs

Developing Strategies:

  • Working through limitations of injuries and illness
  • Reducing or eliminating barriers related to wellness goals
  • Developing approaches around medical issues and disease management in concert with your medical professionals

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